Hello, dear community!

In order to be able to participate and vote please read carefully the following guidelines:

    1. Anyone can be a member of INA DAO, but the focus is on female and female-identifying artists and artworks.
    1. Anyone can submit artwork to our monthly open calls. This means that if you are not female or female- identifying artist, you can still participate and Mint your art in our store but you will not be eligible to participate in the prizes.
    1. Everyone who submits is asked to join our Telegram Group, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube Channel.
    1. When you submit your artwork, please sign up on Astro Dao to be able to vote. Ask to add a member to Role in the community group.
    1. You are only allowed to mint in INA’s store for INA’s open calls. When minting, please don’t change any of the splits.
    1. Winners will be announced at the opening. If you are a winner and you don’t show up at the opening, you will not receive the prize.
    1. Everyone who submitted an entry must share the event on their social media.

Voting Process:

  • You can Vote if you are participating in the contest or if you have been active in the Ina Dao community for at least 1 month. (Active means, that you have participated in open calls or have assisted the monthly exhibitions or commented, and been active in the Telegram group)

  • For voting, you have to follow our social media channels.

  • You can only vote for 3 people.

  • You can’t ask other members to vote for you.

If you don’t meet the previous requests the council has the right to disqualify you.

If you have any questions please reach out to us on our Telegram group!