Exploring Feminine Symbolism in Art

INA DAO’s upcoming art contest, titled “Symbols of She; a Journey through Feminine Symbolism,” presents a unique platform for female and female-identifying artists to convey the rich and multifaceted nature of feminine symbolism. This exploration extends an invitation to artists to delve into the essence of femininity through their creative expressions, whether manifested in cultural motifs, the embodiment of natural elements, or the creation of abstract forms.

Prize Incentives

The contest offers an attractive prize pool to celebrate the exceptional talents of participants:

- First Prize: $300 in USDC

- Second Prize: $200 in USDC

- Third Prize: $100 in USDC

Moreover, the top 30 entries will gain the honour of being showcased in INA DAO’s virtual galleries on Voxels and NearHub, granting artists significant exposure in the digital art space.

Inspiration and Guidance

Participants are encouraged to engage with the provided video workshops and presentations (links below), which serve as a fountain of inspiration and guidance for their submissions. These resources are crafted to stimulate the artistic process and provide insights into the thematic focus of the contest.

Diverse Mediums, One Theme

In the spirit of inclusivity, the contest is open to a wide range of artistic mediums—digital art, AI, painting, drawing, music, poetry, video or photography, to name a few. Each artist is allowed to submit one piece of artwork, which should be accompanied by the artist’s name, title of the piece, medium used, dimensions, and a brief narrative that connects the work to the contest’s theme or the inspirations drawn from the suggested videos.

Timeline and Recognition

Submissions must be received by February 14th midnight UTC via the link at the bottom of the page. The judging period, from February 16th to February 19th, will see the council and workshop hosts meticulously evaluate the artwork based on creativity, interpretation, technical skill, and emotional impact.

The 30 pieces chosen for the gallery show, must be minted on the Near blockchain via Mintbase. We will provide help with obtaining a Near wallet if you don't have one already and also with the minting process.

The top 3 winners will be announced at a Virtual Gallery Show on February 22nd, and contestants must be present at the Voxels gallery opening to qualify to win.

Judging Criteria

The judges will be assess the artworks for their originality, thematic interpretation, technical execution, and the capacity to evoke emotional responses.

The Larger Impact

This art contest is more than just a competition; it is a vital part of an ongoing conversation that began with the workshops and presentations. It aims to amplify the dialogue surrounding feminine symbolism and its portrayal in the arts. By bringing together women artists to express and explore these themes, the contest also seeks to contribute to a broader discourse on women's roles, identities, and representation in art and society.

The contest is not just an opportunity for artists to exhibit their talents but a communal exploration of what femininity means across different cultures and individual experiences. It's a celebration of women's artistic contributions and a step forward in the appreciation of feminine art in the digital era.

Links to YouTube videos

Mandalas of Wisdom - Workshop with Alissa Christine

Fostering Identity - Workshop with Paloma Etienne