Sisters of Earth Workshop with Marzia

The Elements of Matter

July 31st & August 1st starting at 2pm UTC

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Detailed Description:

This  two-day workshop, approximately seven hours, aims to explore the principles of traditional astrology and their artistic representation.

The workshop begins with an introduction to the "four elements of matter" - fire, earth, air, and water. Participants will learn about their qualities, symbols, connections to the zodiac signs, and celestial bodies, and will be invited to create an art piece on this topic.

After gaining knowledge about the elements, participants will create and share art pieces that represent these concepts. The group will then engage in constructive discussions about the artworks.

Throughout the workshop, participants will understand how the elements manifest in the physical realm, including colors, shapes, behaviors, symbolism, and more. The objective is to foster comprehension of the connection between the celestial bodies (above) and the physical realm (below).

About Marzia:

Meet Marzia Braggion, a Lisbon-based digital crypto artist, scanographer, and video editor. Born in the Italian countryside, Marzia's journey took her from Bologna's University of Drama, Art, and Music Studies to Amsterdam, and finally to Lisbon, where she fell in love with the calm, nature-rich atmosphere.

Marzia's passion for visual arts, photography, and cinema led her to explore new creative avenues, from analog LOMO photography to scanner photography, and from video editing to live video jamming. Her studies at Lisbon's RESTART Institute further enriched her technical skills in video-audio making and post-production.

Joining the Droid-id creative collective in 2011 marked a significant step in her career, remixing music and images became her creative language. Editing the Boom festival official documentaries since 2012 connected her to the psychedelic culture.

Marzia's study of traditional astrology at the Academy of Lisbon deepened her understanding of the interconnection between celestial bodies and the earth. This knowledge, combined with her interest in permaculture, inspired her to create "The SpaceShip Project," a fusion of Scanography, astrology, and nature.

Marzia's collages, inspired by nature's sacred geometry, aim to open a conversation using the cosmos' language. Through her art, she explores a new human paradigm, where humans are Earth-keepers, closely connected to nature and the cosmos.

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