Symbols of She workshop with Paloma Etienne


November 13th starting at 4pm UTC

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Detailed Description:

Target Audience: Open to all women and those who identify as women.

Workshop Goals:

  • To create a foundational space for the exploration and understanding of feminine identity symbolism in digital media/AI/XR coming from a personal (multiple) identity place in the artist’s approach.

  • To provide a platform for further engagement and creativity, inspiring participants to create digital media/AI/XR projects about the chore theme (Feminine Symbolism), illustrating the workshop with examples of artists and works that explore BIPOC women and LGTBIQ+. Women’s self-representation

  • To build a community of women who are interested in using digital media/AI/XR to express their creativity and share/explore their stories drawing from their identity experiences.

Workshop Activities:


  • Welcome participants and introduce myself.
  • Review the workshop agenda and goals.
  • Provide a brief overview of feminine symbolism in digital media/AI/XR, with a focus on identity representation.
    *Discuss with participants the concept of “feminine symbolism”. What does this concept mean to them?

Activity 1: Digital Media/AI/XR Inspiration:

  • Share examples of digital media/AI/XR projects created by BIPOC women. I’m bullish on afrofuturism, latinxfuturism and LGBTIQ+ (queer) work, which is the one I’ve researched the most, and I do my work around.

  • Lead a discussion on the ways in which these projects explore feminine symbolism and self-representation and empowerment by thinking of shared experiences with the artist’s community. Think collectively about how these shared knowledge and emotions can be personal/political.

Activity 2: Digital Media/AI/XR Skills:

  • Introduce participants to basic digital media/AI/XR tools and techniques.
  • Provide participants with the opportunity to practice their skills by creating short digital media/AI/XR projects.

Activity 3: Digital Media/AI/XR Project Development:

  • Help participants to develop their own digital media/AI/XR project ideas and explore their roots and the communities they belong to in order to make work around the symbolism of the feminine.

  • Provide guidance on how to draw from sexual/racial/tribal/country identities to source their artistic work and express themselves.


  • Share the workshop highlights and takeaways.

  • Answer questions from participants.

  • Encourage participants to continue exploring feminine symbolism and self-representation in their digital media/AI/XR work.

About Paloma:

Paloma Etienne is a versatile artist and tech advocate, merging technology, art, and social justice.With a background in film and fine arts, she champions Web3, AI, and blockchain toempower BIPOC, LGTBIQ+ and diverse communities. As thefounderof DAO ASHÉ, she fosters innovation, curates experiences, and builds alliances for artists and activists. Paloma’s work delves into identity, mental health, and caregiving, crafting compelling narratives through film, AI, and 3D art.

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